Because we believe in a just and caring God, we keep our prices and our work ethical. We try to be good stewards of our blessings, so a portion of our proceeds go to assisting orphans and widows in the world, if you would like to know more about the organization we support keep reading.

Altar 84 is the main mission we support. Altar 84 is a non-profit ministry that seeks to Altar the lives of orphans and children in need by offereing them a forever SONG.

S-Speak up for the fatherless and equip families to be their resting place
O- Ongoing awareness and education through the church on how to care for the orphan
N- Nourish not only their physical needs, but spiritual needs through discipleship and worship
G-Gather and provide resources to fight against the root causes of the orphan crisis

We recognize that God's Word is infallible and is useful for teaching, correcting and training in righteousness. In caring for Orphans and Children in Need, we commit to:

Pray as we seek God's direction for our ministry
Listen to Him as He directs our steps
Share His message of Salvation through Jesus Christ
Act in accordance with His Ways

We invite you to support this mission too! Click here to learn more about Altar 84 and the lives it is changing!